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Ryan my roommate and I had a great weekend. Last Saturday we got up early and had a big breakfast. Then we took the bus to go downtown and went to an art museum. The museum opened at nine o’clock and we stayed there all morning.

We saw some beautiful paintings. We had a guide who explained everything to us. I liked all the art, but Ryan didn’t like the modern art very much. I bought copies of two paintings. I’m going to put them on the wall of my bedroom.

At one o’clock, we were hungry so we had lunch at the museum cafeteria. After lunch, we took a walk in the park near the museum. We went home at five o’clock. We were very tired, but we had a good time. On Sunday we stayed home and studied.



Last Sunday my friend and I went to Lake Kintamani in Bali. The water was clean, the temperature was cool and there were trees surrounding the lake. The next day we visited Tanah Lot. We took pictures of the temple. The scenery was amazing. There was holy water beside the rocky hill and there was a hole occupied by a big snake which was considered scared by the local people. On tuesday, we went to Sangeh where many wild monkeys walked freely and climbed the trees. In the afternoon we went home.

Source: UN 2007/ 2008 (paket 46 B)


Social Function

To amuse or entertain and deal with actual or vicarious experiences in different ways.

Generic Structure

1.  Orientation: set the scene and introduces the participants.

2.  Evaluation: a stepping back to evaluate the plight.

3.  Complication: a crisis arises/problems.

4.  Resolution: ways to overcome the problem.

5.  Re-orientation (optional)


Significant Lexicogrammatical Features

  1. Focus on specific and usually individualized participants.
  2. Use material processes; behavioral and verbal process.
  3. Use relational processes and mental processes.
  4. Use temporal conjunctions and temporal circumstances.
  5. Use Simple Past Tense.