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Daily archive for ‘ February 11th, 2013 ’

Soal Adjective Clause

11th February 2013 | Closed

Fill in the blank with : who, whom, whose, which. That is the girl _____father got an accident last week Do you know Ali’s box in ___ he put his tools? To ____did you give the letter yesterday ? I don’t know ___will be responsible for that. ____shirt do you think suitable for me, the [...]

Soal Report Text

11th February 2013 | Closed

Elephants: The Amazing Animals Elephants are the largest land animals on earth. They have the largest brains of any  mammal.  Elephants  talk  to  each  other.  Researchers  have  discovered more than 50 different types of calls that they use to communicate with each other. Their trunks are strong enough to pick up trees but sensitive enough [...]

Simple Present Tense

11th February 2013 | Closed

Present Simple Use: Sentences in the present simple tense are true all the time. I come from Japan. I live in Paris. I like animals. I have three sisters. Form: 1) Form the present simple this way: Positive I like     animals you he   likes she it we like they Negative I don’t   [...]