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Monthly archive for ‘ September, 2014 ’

English Project for 11 MIA and IIS 3

10th September 2014 | Closed

Let’s create a poster in the classroom! With a partner, come up with the ideas and suggestions to IMPROVE ENGLISH ENVIRONMENT in your school. Make a poster and put these ideas and suggestions on the poster. Note: Never put the same poster as your friends had. here are some ideas to help you. When you’ve [...]

Reading Text on Chapter 1 for 10 MIA

3rd September 2014 | Closed

Text 1 An email from Hannah Hello, Alia! Let me introduce myself. My name is Hannah. I know your name from my friend, Caroline. She told me that you sent her an email telling her that you would like to have more pen pals from the US. I’d really like to be your E-pal. You [...]