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English Project for 11 MIA and IIS 3

10th September 2014 | Closed

Let’s create a poster in the classroom! With a partner, come up with the ideas and suggestions to IMPROVE ENGLISH ENVIRONMENT in your school. Make a poster and put these ideas and suggestions on the poster. Note: Never put the same poster as your friends had. here are some ideas to help you. When you’ve [...]

Reading Text on Chapter 1 for 10 MIA

3rd September 2014 | Closed

Text 1 An email from Hannah Hello, Alia! Let me introduce myself. My name is Hannah. I know your name from my friend, Caroline. She told me that you sent her an email telling her that you would like to have more pen pals from the US. I’d really like to be your E-pal. You [...]

Sample of MindMapping for Remedial test

10th March 2014 | Closed

Contact the teacher for details.

Speaking Project for the 12th Grade

4th February 2014 | Closed

Sample of writing for kids

23rd November 2013 | Closed


Sample of FlashCard

15th November 2013 | Closed

Reported Speech

10th May 2013 | Closed

Use: Use reported speech to talk about what another person said in the past. Eve:                       ‘I went to the party on Friday night’. James:                  ‘Eve said that she had gone to the party on Friday night’. Form: 1) When reporting speech, the verb in the sentence may shift to a past tense.  am / is / are changes to [...]

Tips UN

8th May 2013 | Closed

Jika kamu ingin lulus Ujian Nasional, sebaiknya kamu perlu mencermati Standar Kriteria Lulusan (SKL). Di samping itu, tidak ada salahnya mencari bocoran pertanyaan UN Bahasa Inggris. Untuk mata pelajaran bahasa Inggris, INDIKATORnya adalah menentukan gambaran umum, mencari pikiran utama paragraf, menentukan informasi tertentu, informasi rinci, informasi tersurat, informasi tersirat, menentukan rujukan kata (referring), mencari makna kata atau [...]

Phrasal verbs with put

21st February 2013 | Closed

Put about (change direction or cause to change direction) Put across (state clearly) She failed to put her views across during the hearing. Put away (discard, consume food or drink, kill (informal) You must put all negative thoughts away if you want to succeed in life. They put away the dinner in a few minutes. The injured horse was put away. Put by (save for later [...]

Difference between see, watch and look

21st February 2013 | Closed

See is the ordinary verb to say that something ‘comes to our eyes’. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we are paying attention. I saw Joe yesterday. Suddenly I saw something strange. Progressive forms of see are not normally used with this meaning. I can see an elephant. (NOT I am seeing a elephant.) Look (at) When we look at something we are trying to see what [...]